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Nacionalnost: Bosanka pa i Hercegovka


Letter to CNN and rest of the World

There are children, and then there are children. There is terrorism, and then there is terrorism.


So three people died. Three beautiful, young, innocent people died. One’s heart breaks down when seeing dead body of little Martin Richard, his mother wounded, his younger sister maimed.

President Obama went to Boston, and made his task to know everything about victims. Who they were, what their dreams were, what their future held. He has also made it a task of World to know it. Because it happened to them. And it happened to America.

CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, World news stations… have filled their pages with testimonials, photos of the carnage, videos… And they should have, three innocent lives are lost to the senseless act of terrorism.

Eleven young children have died in another senseless carnage that occurred in Kunar province in Afghanistan just eleven days earlier. (Some say four, some say five, but never mind the numbers.) Their little bodies laid scattered after the drone attack hit their village. America said that it was targeting Talibans. America also said that “some civilians and some militants” were killed. Eleven children, some of them babies, are “some civilians” to America! They had no names, no faces. They had no future because, in the eyes of those who killed, they never even existed.

This terrorist attack was not shown on TV stations, it has not seen online or printed editions of CNN or BBC. The carnage, not that different from the carnage of Boston, was described as successful attack on Talibans, the terrorists.

Couldn’t, wouldn’t – one say that the carnage of Boston, not that different from the carnage of Kunar, was successful attack on what America represents today?

No, none in good mind would ever even think that. Any one of us see it for what it is – an act of terrorism, terrible loss of human life, terrible loss to humanity.

So, what is it that prevents President Obama and America to see death of children in Kunar for what it is – an act of terrorism, terrible loss of human life and terrible loss to humanity?

dnevnik jedne kurtizane

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